About ForGIVEness Workshops

Why Take This Workshop

Forgiveness opens the door to love.

1. Do you self-sabotage?

2. Do you have feelings of Unworthiness?

3. Are you carrying old baggage?

4. Do you wall yourself up and create hard places that make you sick?

5. Not forgiving can hurt your heart.

6. Do you want to have more love and be in unconditional love.



1. Clear & untangle negative energy patterns in your own template.

2. Obtain clarity about forgiveness, soul contracts, responsibility of your actions, thoughts, feelings, and prayers.

3. Learn about the energetics and spiritual forces that reside in Peru.

4. Learn about how to invoke these powerful allies in healing and clearing your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

5. Increase your capacity to be happier and lighter.

6. Learn to utilize golden photon particles for self healing physically, emotionally, mentally - Self healing in the great shift in consciousness that is now fully underway on this planet.

7. Take home skills that you can use for ongoing healing and personal development and evolution.

8. Notes and journal for your continued expansion of understanding and ability to love and nurture relationships - with yourself and others.

9. Safe, nurturing environment for the unfolding of your soul power in light and love.

10. Feel safer, more secure, and create room inside yourself for abundance to manifest.




Travelogue of Spiritual Peru - An evening of armchair adventure and spiritual enfoldment with sacred site adventuress and author Pat Crosby ---

Travelogue of Spiritual Peru - An evening of armchair adventure and spiritual enfoldment with sacred site adventuress and author Pat Crosby

Greetings, Friends!

Have you ever wondered WHY Peru is considered such a sacred land?

What drew the Inka and other civilizations there to create some of the greatest architectural wonderpieces of the universe, and allow them to amass such immense hordes of gold and silver - such that the Spanish conquistadors just drooled all over themselves when they saw it?

Why is Machu Picchu truly one of the wonders of the spiritual world, and why do thousands of people journey there every day to experience the wonderment and deep mystery that fills the air there - even more than the misty clouds that hang over the neighboring mountain peeks?

Join in an evening of armchair adventure as spiritual adventuress and author Pat Crosby reveals to you the inner secrets of travel to these fabulous mountains, holding and cradling immense secrets to the opening of one's inner life unfoldment.

More than just a descriptive catalogue of sites, author and sacred site traveler Pat Crosby will take you on an unfolding spiritual journey as it was revealed to her in her journey to the magical and mystical power spots of Peru - in the current capital of Peru of Lima by the sea, Machu Picchu - the forbidden citadel of the Inka initiates, and then onto the Lake Titicaca - at almost 13,000 feet, the highest, biggest large boat navigable lake in the world - a location full of beauty and mysteries, famous for millenia for its great spiritual powers. Not to mention it's immeasurable beauty.

What You Can Experience During This Evening of Spiritual Exploration:

* These few hours of journeying will give you an in-depth understanding of the power and sacred presence available in sacred sites around the world.

* You will come to know the secrets of the doorways to other dimensions that are available at these power spots.

* You will experience a guided meditation with the spirit guides from Lake Titicaca who are on a mission to help humanity awaken and enlighten with the power of unconditional love through ForGIVEness.

* You will have time to ask questions and have guided discussions on some of the experiences and revelations that come to you during this evening of adventuresome traveling - right from your chair seat!

What to Bring:

1. Open Heart, Mind & Spirit

2. Journal to record your insights, aha's, and document your experiences for your later study and contemplation.

3. Pure water.

4. Healthy snack (it is not uncommon to be very hungry after a spiritual adventure).

Abundance Exchange $25.
(No one turned away for lack of funds... if you need to offer less.)

You will also have the opportunity to purchase The little Book of ForGIVEness guidebook to the simple, effective and powerful forgiveness technique as taught by the spirit guides (angels) of Lake Titicaca.
$10 single copy. 2 copies (for friend and you) $19. 3 copies (you and friends) $25.

Learn more at

Also available: Limited slots for personal spiritual/forgiveness counseling with Pat Crosby


Your goal for this workshop.
Powerful forgiveness stories.
What IS and what IS NOT Forgiveness.
Forgiveness & Health.

3. CHANTING OF SACRED SOUNDS to release, heal, and re-align.


4. USING PHOTON ENERGY FOR SELF HEALING EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, SPIRITUALLY. Instruction and practice in working with golden photon particles for self healing physically, emotionally, mentally.

5. Review and experiences shares.



1. Journal to document and capture your experiences.

2. Pure water.

3. Healthy Refreshments to share.

4. Open Heart.



1 hour +
Message from the Angels of Forgiveness

Guided meditations for forgiveness, special messages.

As they become available.

- 2 Hours

* Usually night before any of the other workshops... a preview and mini sample session with Angels of Forgiveness.

* Also a spiritual travalogue of the major power spots of Lake Titicaca and Macchu Picchu in Peru - especially for those travelling to these and other sacred power places.

* Introduction to Healing Energies of the Angels of Forgiveness
*Meditation with the Angels of Forgiveness
I FORGIVE mantra
* Group Process Work
* Self Healing with Golden Particles


* Introduction to Healing Energies of Peru, Lake Titicaca & Machu Picchu
* Invocation of Healing Spirit Guides & Angels of Forgiveness
* I FORGIVE mantra
* Golden Particle Self Healing
Toning & Chanting
Q & A with Angels of Forgiveness


* I FORGIVE mantra
* Golden Particle Self Healing - Guided Meditation & Sharing
* Healing with Group Mantra Sacred Sounds
* Q & A Spirit Guides & Angels of Forgiveness
* Deep Process Work & Sharing


* I FORGIVE mantra
* Golden Particle Self Healing
* Healing with Group Mantra Sacred Sounds
* Q & A with Angels of Forgiveness
* Quantum Healing Group Session
* Meet YOUR Guides & Angels
* Extended Group & Individual Deep Process Time
* Time for Reflection & Healing in Time Out from Ordinary Life.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the work is both deep and powerful... Peter Allen

Dear Lightworkers,

There is still time to register for the Forgiveness Workshops in Virginia offered by Pat Crosby.

Pat has been guided by beings who returned with her from Lake Titicaca to work with us in this way.

I can attest that the work is both deep and powerful.

Forgiveness is the door to Unconditional Love--the new paradigm for humanity where creativity is unbounded, and Love is unfettered by continuum conditions.

In Service,
Peter Allen,
Charlottesville, VA

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